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Personnel agency

CIIC's one-stop service system streamlines HR management procedures for enterprises and improves their efficiency by reducing administrative tasks. At present, CIIC provides Personnel services to more than 68,000 enterprises worldwide and professional HR service more than 1.89 million medium and senior technical managers and employees, with service network covering more than 300 cities across the country.


Talent dispatch

CIIC talent dispatch service can help enterprise effectively control headcount. On signing the talent dispatch contract with CIIC, the enterprise will be responsible only for the work management of the dispatched talent, while CIIC will perform personnel management as the legal employer, thus achieving HR management efficiency by making the best use of talents without having to manage the personnel and increase management cost.


Flexible employment

CIIC's flexible employment service is to provide "premium, efficient and convenient" project management and office civilian services for enterprises in the form of service outsourcing. As a pioneer of flexible employment service, CIIC has an accumulated database of more than 500,000 talents to ensure that demands for various positions from the customers will be satisfied in a timely and flexible way.


Business Process Outsourcing

CIIC BPO (business process outsourcing) is a new business model developed in response to the current economic situation and legal environment. As the legal employer of the employee, CIIC will provide corporate customers with one-stop business process outsourcing solutions while enterprises only need to evaluate the effectiveness of CIIC service. This innovative service model can not only meet the changing demands for flexible employment, but also effectively control corporate operation cost to a...

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