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A financial group company

Demands and solutions

Customer demands

Personnel agency, daily national policy consulting and statistics service for more than 10,000 employees in 200 cities nationwide. Interface with local HR for daily services to realize localization management of employee social insurance contribution.

Services provided by CIIC

Employee social insurance and housing fund contribution; individual income tax declaration; Special working hour application.


Since June 2014, CIIC started to provide personnel agency service to 800 employees of a financial group corporation. The service then expanded from 50 major cities to nearly 200 cities nationwide, due to the business development of the client. At the same time, CIIC provided professional consulting services to assist the client with nationwide labor inspection, land tax audit, and occupational injury annual audit. The average daily number of people being serviced is around 150. The number of client employees receiving personnel agency service soon reached 10,000 in only one year.

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