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Demands and solutions

Customer demands

Talent dispatch and BPO service for beauty consultants, and personnel agent service for official staff

Services provided by CIIC

Employee social insurances and housing fund contribution; Payroll calculation and distribution, personal income tax declaration; Supplementary medical insurance, employee on-board, annual physical examination, employee flexible benefits; Customized attendance system; Online reimbursement system (developed independently by CIIC Shanghai)


In August 2006, CIIC began to provide personnel service for 8,000 employees of the group's mass cosmetics channel from former vendor. In the course of more than ten years of service, CIIC successively offers high-quality personnel service for 20,000 employees of sales representative team and high-end dealers team. In 2012, CIIC became the only HR outsourcing provider of its group company. At the same time, CIIC Shanghai has provided its employees with supplementary medical insurance, annual physical examination, customized system and reimbursement project for six years, covering 17, 000 employees.

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