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Demands and solutions

Customer demands

BPO service, payroll calculation and distribution, personnel involved including jewelry sales sector and property management sector, with a total of about 400 people nationwide.

Services provided by CIIC

Employee information collection, verification, reference check, social insurance and housing fund contribution, payroll calculation and distribution, individual income tax declaration, employee flexible benefits and legal aid.


Since November 2012, CIIC Shanghai started to provide personnel services for 30 sales consultants in the flagship store of its group headquarter. By virtue of professional services and effective communication, CIIC Shanghai helped solve the store personnel management problems for the customer company. At the same time, considering the mature national network platform, diversified employment mode and good government relations, other subsidiaries of the group also signed the outsourcing contract with CIIC for nearly 200 employees. The property sector of the customer has been using other suppliers. But after learning about the solutions and service provided by CIIC, the property sector changed the supplier and transferred more than 100 employees to CIIC.

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